Hon. Shri. Krushnaroji Ingle
Ex. M.L.A.
President-Satpuda Education Society,
Jalgaon (Jamod)

The mission undertaken by our institution is to strive and provide Education to those poor, downtrodden and exploited communitiesof this area, who are refrained from the opportunity of Higher Education from the last hundreds of years.  Institution plans to offer the facilities of higher education in Agricultural Science ,Industrial Training  ,Knowledge and Advance Technology and Bio-technology along with Genetic Engineering .We are quite sure that it will remove the feeling of inferiority complex among  the students of this area. It will accelerate the development of this region and establish confidence among the youth. Our Institute also plans to afford facilities of training to dumb, deaf, disables, orphans, people of disadvantaged groups, Economically backward and socially handicappedyouth, which will definitely help to create a new culture and social sense, conducive to the realization of just and fair society, which is a dream of tomorrow.